Find walking maps and guidebooks, self guided walking holidays and hiking tours. We recommend buying the hiking maps Kåfjord og Reisa nasjonalpark and Nordreisa sør. ||The Single Toughest Question for Military Families to Answer. Another option is to hike from Kilpisjavri to the summit of Finland’s highest mountain, Halti (1328 m above sea level). Citybreak™ Information & Reservation System. Classement Traildino : MW, Marche modérée, sentier de randonnée; Classement Traversée de montagne: T1, Randonnée. From here, you can follow the road down to the Kåfjord Valley and on to Skibotn and then Kilpisjavri by bus during the summer months. Von Sulitjelma nach Kvikkjokk . From here, it’s only a short stroll to the three-country cairn (Treriksrøysa). The entire Nordkalottleden Trail is 800 km long and runs through Norway (380 km), Sweden (350 km) and northern Finland (70 km). The … This stretch is roughly 42 km. Les topo-guides et les cartes de randonnée, balades et itinéraires de randonnées pédestres, voyages randonnée. Nordkalottleden, 800 Km, ungefähr 45 Tage. Nordkalottleden Trail is a demanding hiking trail and not suitable for beginners. Nordkalottleden, the North Calotte Trail is about 800 km long and goes through Norway, Finland and Sweden. This spectacular route enables you to hike through several countries and experience the beautiful Arctic nature. You should be aware of the following: Read more about the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), Read more about the Halti National Park Centre, Read about the cabins in Reisa national park, Read more about Nordreisa municipality and Reisa National Park, Read more about the Halti Kven Culture Centre, The Arctic Trail - a cross-border hike in Arctic areas, Adventurous hikes in the Lyngenfjord region, Read more about wilderness experiences at, Read more about the hike up Halti on our website, Nordkalottstua(Halti National Park Centre), Read more about the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). By Public Transportation. This tracklog was drawn on the map with the aim of following the actual route of Nordkalottleden as closely as possible. This spectacular route enables you to hike through several countries and experience the beautiful Arctic nature. Three countries share the trail: Norway (Nordkalottruta, 380 km), Sweden (Nordkalottleden, 350 km) and Finland (Kallottireitti, 70 km).sh; Kautokeino (Norway), two months This is the most northerly long distance hike you will find in Europe, entirely above the polar circle. As one, it’s the most popular and … Summer is without doubt the high season for this trail, with only the most experienced skiers contemplating this route in the winter. We recommend that you bring a tent with you. After crossing the river, you continue along the eastern side of the river up to the picturesque Imofossen waterfall, where the trail climbs up to the mountain plateau and on to lake Reisavannet. The trail was pretty rough – rocky, then marshy – but little did we know that the more difficult sections – the large boulder fields – would become a … In Sweden the trail is marked with red crosses and signs with route symbols. The Nordkalottleden is probably the northernmost real trail of that length in the world. >Along the Nordkalottleden Part 3: Jerta to Kilipsjärvi Posted on July 21, 2010 by nielsenbrownwalkabout >After a windy night, it was quieter in the morning (however morning is defined when it is never dark) Whilst it was light inside the tent, I was not completely sure if the fog had lifted, I looked outside and … Nordkalottleden Trail is made-up of several old trails and new barely travelled trails. It’s about 800 km. It takes 5-6 hours (plus any rest breaks) to complete most of the day-long legs, while some days take 7-10 hours. One option is to start the trail at the southern end of Kilpisjavri, head towards Somásjávri and cross the border to Norway when you reach Muurivaara. If you want to stock up on provisions, you need to get from Saraelv to Storslett (approx. From Pihtsusjärvi, you continue just over 10 km eastwards to Somas, where there is also a cabin. You can stop or a rest or stay overnight in cabins/huts at Saarijävri, Kuonjarjoki, Meekonjävri and Pihtsusjärvi. Unfortunately it would take 35 of these maps in total to cover the whole trail from Grövelsjön up to the North Cape. Search or browse. Nordkalottleden, 800 km, 45 jours environ. All the structures planned for the trail have not yet been built and at some points wilderness huts are very far apart. There are more than 50 places to stay along the Arctic Trail in Norway, Sweden and Finland. This trail is also known as Nordkalott Trail, Nordkalottruta, Kallottireitti, Arctic Trail. The cabin Haltihytta is situated on the northern side of Haltijärvi approx. On Friday evening, 31 July, immediately after work we went to the airport in Amsterdam to take a flight to Oslo. The terrain and areas you pass through vary from high alpine mountains and glaciers to deep valleys and bare, outstretched mountain plateau. The trail may be poorly marked in some places so it’s important to have a map and compass and be able to use this. Many people choose to start hiking here because it’s right beside Reisa National Park. 10 km from Goldahytta. Trail Markings. Nordkalottleden - Arctic Trail (Kautokeino-Abisko) Hiking trail in Kautokeino, Finnmark (Norge). From 1-23 August we went on holiday to Scandinavia. It is the most northerly long distance trail in Europe, entirely above the Arctic circle. Some places involve river crossings. Coaches ( also travel from Kolari to Kilpisjärvi. Stocking up on provisions on the section between Kilpisjärvi and Kautokeino may be extremely challenging so we recommend packing all the food you need! Simply Pro by Bloom Blog Shop. The Padjelanta Trail: Änonjálmme to Kvikkjokk is a 83.7 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Engan, Nordland, Norway that features a lake and is rated as difficult. If you would prefer a different route from here, you can hike northwards to Guolasjärvi. Traildino Schwierigkeit: MW, Mittelschwere Wanderung mit Rucksack; Schwierigkeitsgrad Berg- und Alpinwanderung: T1, Wandern. Another cabin, Gappohytta, is situated approx. The trail is intended for use in summer; markings will not be visible in wintertime. The cairn, which makes the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet, is a must-see attraction midway between the Signal Valley and Skibotn Valley. Traildino - You've hit on the World's Largest Hiking Trail Database. The Nordkalottleden is an absolutely fantastic trail to hike! As the trail … An interactive map with tourist facilities, areas, trails and tours in the Swedish ... but when it comes to Nordkalottleden only those portions that lie within or close ... directional guide. There we stayed… 46 km), where there are several shops.There is a well-marked trail on the western side of the Reisa River from Ovi Raishiin to Nedrefoss. The first 2 weeks we hiked the Nordkalottleden and the Kungsleden far north of the Arctic Circle: total about 275km in 12 days. The largest amount (380 km) is in Norway, while 350 km is in Sweden and 70 km in Finland. De Sulitjelma à Kvikkjokk . Most of the Arctic Trail is in high mountain terrain, and the weather can change quickly all year round. The Norwegian section of the trail would be well covered by the Norge Serien – a hiking map of the scale 1:50000. Where Am I From? After 10 km, you will reach the border of the national park in Sieimma, where it’s also possible to stay. Map: Nordkalottleden, the North Calotte Trail. It features varying Arctic fell landscapes, including high fells, fell heaths, lakes and fell birch forests. The trail starts or ends in Kautokeino and in Kvikkjokk. From Sulitjelma to Kvikkjokk . You require equipment and clothing suitable for varying conditions in the high mountains. The final stretch from here to Kautokeino in Finnmark County is roughly 40 km if you follow the gravel road from Bidjovagge. It consists of existing paths which are connected with new stretches of trail. The northernmost leg of the Arctic Trail is approx. The entire Nordkalottleden Trail lies above the Arctic Circle, which is why it is also known as simply, The Arctic Trail. E-mail:       [email protected]Booking:   [email protected].